Basic Package

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Business Intelligence,

The package is recommended for Professional Service Providers and Trade People

We develop your business through a concise practice process stream so that when completed you are in the position to kick off your Business from day one. Our company sets up your company Registration and register you to GST, create 5 logo samples, Designs your business stationery, register your Domain Name, Set up your Email and Signature, Constructs a 5 pages Website, Establishes an SSL Certificate for security purposes, provide 1 hours Marketing Session and 1 hour IT etc + as an added extra  we provide 2 hours introductory session with our Business Coach.

Our Packages Prices in total are far cheaper than you could source the services individually. So you save heaps !

As a part of the package we provide an 5-page website to whatever design you wish. Google shows that a very basic website costs from $3000 to $6000. Digital.cpm a respected website, that assists small Businesses quote a website with a couple of stock photos as from $3000 to $8000.

Average Logo & Signature costs are from $300 to $1300. Specialist lawyer will charge from $500 to $700 per hour. A qualified experienced Business coach will charge from $1000 for a two hour session. Bookkeeping services to set up accounting software will be in excess of $300 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from Fat digital are quoted as $760 to $980 per month, or Google Adwords setup and maintenance costs from $600 + GST per month Google advises the average is $750 to $950 per month, so you can see these services are not cheap.

In addition to these we register the company for you with ASIC, register your business name, register your domain, establish your email, organize and pay for the hosting of your website & email IT and Marketing advise, get stationery designed etc etc.

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How do we achieve this?

Because we have long relationships with our Partners & associates, we have organized the purchased of multiple hourly blocks from them. As a consequences of the guarantees of cash flow  we managed to lower the price structures for many of our services. These savings has been passed on to you. This results in package prices that are significantly less than those you would be able to obtain should you contact individually for these sevices.


Our Basic Package

Implement an SSL Security Certificate for Website

Finance Broker session if required

Skype Setup

Call us on 1300 520274 to arrange a free 20 minute meeting to discuss your new business needs